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June 7th, 2010 at 11:56 AM

Movie magic: final take

By Christian Myers


                       Victory, thy name is Wally!  Where’s Wally? is officially this year’s Golden Waffle Iron Film Festival (GWIFF) Best Picture and thus recipient of the prestigious Golden Waffle Iron.  Eric Wiig said, “The Golden Waffle Iron is the less pretentious cousin of the Oscar.” Notably, Where’s Wally? is the first film that was not produced by seniors to win the Golden Waffle Iron.  Also, Andy Engstrom received a Best Actor award for his role as the troubled Detective Darrel Schmanderson in Where’s Wally?.

            The bourgeoisie boys have been confident about their film from the beginning, but they were still gracious and humble in the wake of their success.  On the official Where’s Wally? Facebook page the trio posted the following: “In all sincerity, thank you fans and others who have supported and contributed to this project since the beginning!”  The group also says they were surprised at just how successful their film premiere was.  Wiig said, “Where’s Wally? wouldn’t have been a winner without fans believing it could be significant.” 

The third annual Golden Waffle Iron Film Festival (GWIFF) took place between the hours of 7 and 10 p.m. on Wednesday, June 2.  Eight quality motion pictures were shown (seven in the competition and one that was collaboratively produced by the entire Young Filmmakers Club), but in the end the bourgeoisie boys came out on top.  Young Filmmakers Club advisor Perry Kennedy said, “This year was very successful and it sold-out once again.”

The bourgeoise boys weren’t the only winners; there were many. For instances, sophomore Mark Miller won four awards. He was excited about his success. In regard to the entire experience Miller said, “It’s a really cool feeling when you create a film. By the end you have something that worked out and that you can feel proud of.”

            The festival is over, but Bourgeoise Productions is far from done with its work.  The group is already in the process of lining up additional viewing opportunities for those who missed the premiere and planning for a DVD release of the award-winning film. They have also completed two more movies since finishing Where’s Wally?. Beyond that, the boys will be looking forward to a little time off before they get right back to work this summer. Hopefully, these three amigos will be able to cook up something to top Where’s Wally? and bring home the hardware at the next Golden Waffle Iron Film Festival.  Perhaps a sequel?

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April 26th, 2010 at 10:45 PM

Travel ban banished

By Christian Myers

The MSHSL “Travel Ban” discussed in the Eyrie’s latest issue was officially repealed on Monday, Apr. 12. Concerned groups, some  that include EPHS coaches, made their case to the MSHSL board while it was evaluating the policy this spring. The board’s final decision was that it was in the best interest of student athletes to eliminate the policy.

The “travel ban” was in effect since last July, though several EPHS teams were granted waivers. Next fall there will be no restrictions on distance for travel. Teams will still have to have travel sanctioned by the MSHSL, but having met that obligation they are free to play anywhere.

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March 29th, 2010 at 4:10 PM

Dance Dance Conclusion

Miranda Kozlicki and Emily Brestovansky were selected last October to represent EPHS and the state of Minnesota at the National Miss Dance Drill Team USA competition in California. Both girls competed with TEAM MINNESOTA Mar. 17-20 at the national competition in California.

The girls were very successful in their competitions: Kozlicki was awarded 3rd place in the sophomore solo competition and Brestovansky was award 4th place in the junior solo competition. On top of that, TEAM MINNESOTA was awarded 1st place in the Small Group Lyrical competition.

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March 29th, 2010 at 4:00 PM

Where’s Wally? update

The “Movie magic” series will not appear in the Eyrie’s upcoming issue 7, but it will return with a final installment in issue 8. For those who wish to stay up to date with the story, here is a quick update:

The script and casting have been finalized, filming dates and locations have been set, and filming has officially begun.

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March 26th, 2010 at 12:26 PM

Low cost corner

By Melissa Berman


Sports fanatics spend hundreds, even thousands, of dollars for premium tickets to a game or simply the airfare to get there.  For those who love college basketball but do not have that sort of disposable income can follow this ultimate guide to a low cost March Madness.

Getting your gear:

            Although some of this gear may be a bit on the pricey side, these shops have a selection of clearance and low cost items as well.  All stores are located in the Mall of America, so there is no need to empty the fuel tank driving elsewhere.

  • Goldy’s Locker Room- Anything Minnesota Gophers, from mugs to squeaking noisemakers, this is the place to go. 
  • Hat World – Selections of college sports hats and other jerseys. 
  • Custom College Shop – Not widely publicized team gear available for custom order sweatshirts and jerseys.

Watching the game:

  • Champps Americana near the EP mall- Conveniently located in the heart of the city; offers many TV’s to watch your favorite team.
  • Buffalo Wild Wings in Chanhassen – Known for its namesake wings and other classic game day dishes, this hot spot provides ample screens and fans to watch the pandemonium with.
  • TGI Friday’s and Applebees near the EP mall- Both chains restaurants offer abundant seating on even the most crowded of nights and offer many discounts and deals that can shrink your bill.  
  • Hosting a party or getting together with some friends for a fun Super Bowl-esque atmosphere is also always an option. 

Eating in style:

Everyone knows those infamous friends or relatives who always show up empty handed to gatherings or parties.  Instead of risking yourself looking cheap, try bringing or making one of these cost and time effective food items to a March Madness party.

  • Chips and taco or salsa dip
  • Tacos
  • Vegetables and ranch dip
  • Puppy chow
  • Pizza bites
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